Voices for Racial Justice

Vision & Mission

Vision: We envision a world without racism that honors the culture, knowledge, power, and healing of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color.


Mission: We are committed to building power through collective cultural & healing strategies for racial justice across Minnesota using organizing, leadership training, community policy & research.


Theory of Change:

Our Theory of Change drives our ecological model of organizing where we all have a role to play in building power for impactful change with community and systems. We believe that by tending to the soil or those closest to the issues, using tools that uplift their leadership, culture, wellbeing and expertise, we can overcome toxins in our environment, in turn allowing us to enjoy the harvest of long-term change for racial justice. 


The Soil is the people that make up our communities who share the values and beliefs necessary to shift culture for racial justice to thrive.  In tending to the soil, we tend to people and their wellbeing in order to sustain systemic change and mass movements.


The Seeds are the initiatives, projects, and campaigns developed through shared visioning, collaboration and in coalition with our networks across the state.


The Toxins are made of everything that hurts our communities including historical trauma, structural racism, and residual legacies of colonization, which have resulted in the isolation and disinvestment of BIPOC leaders.


The Tools include many strategies that build power to deepen capacity for restorative racial justice movements.. These tools include: shared learning & training; cultural & healing strategies; research & policy; and storytelling. 


The Harvest represents indicators of success. We make an impact when there are changes in culture, policies, practices, and when BIPOC leaders are invested in, well resourced, and nurtured.


Our Vision Comes to Life